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rekindle-chairs-tables-9163Rekindle is a social enterprise that makes furniture, sculpture and jewelry from waste wood.
Our mission is to support communities to utilise their wood waste fully and in doing so, maximize the benefits of the purposeful work involved. Rekindle creates employment and learning opportunities, and actively enables people to participate in meaningful valued activity.
Beautiful ancient and irreplaceable indigenous timber such as kauri, matai and rimu are most commonly diverted from waste and reused at Rekindle. In Christchurch we are working to intercept the hurried disposal of reusable timber from earthquake-damaged homes. Rekindle products are a constructive response from within Christchurch as it remembers and rebuilds.
We are excited to have our chairs, tables, stools, benches, sculptural work and jewelry on display at The Auricle. Come in and see us, and if you have wood that we can turn into something useful rather than it being thrown away please make contact at info@rekindle.org.nz

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